In the Midst of Growing Crisis, God Has Raised a House of Prayer for All Nations

The IHOPKC Missions Base is entering our third decade with new strength and new clarity, perhaps like never before. As we approach 2020, our eyes are bright with gratitude and resolve. We are also deeply encouraged by the support and love coming from all over the world.

The focus is clear—nations, politics, and people are shaking, but we see Jesus. The house of prayer as modeled by King David (worship with prayer under a prophetic spirit; see 1 Chr. 23:1–25:31), then re-envisioned by Isaiah and proclaimed by the Son of God, is spreading across the earth like never before. This must be so, as the house of prayer reality is not so much an achievement as a function of divine order—not only as worship to the worthy One but as a bulwark against the schemes of evil. Countless tragic headlines may never be seen or read because watchmen continually stand on the wall of intercession, day and night contending for ever greater measures of the glory and fame of Jesus across the earth. On every continent, thousands of houses of prayer are now positioned to confront the coming crises. The Lord has done this! He has sovereignly set this vast regiment of intercessory watchmen in place during the final years preceding the return of the King.

For two decades, at the International House of Prayer of Kansas City, men and women have faithfully stood in the gap to cry out for all that He has promised. Simply by following the eternal pattern seen in Revelation 4–5, we are privileged to literally make earth look and feel a little bit more like heaven. Friends, you are in the very center of this story. As a people of promise, we have celebrated many astonishing, prophetic fulfillments over the years, but we are boldly looking forward, not behind. We are believing for promises yet unfulfilled.

As a Partner in the Promise, your faithfulness and generosity have helped to carry us this far. We are so thankful for you! Even so, these are not normal days. We want to mark our 20th year with a massive surge forward in partnership: We are calling 10,000 people worldwide to invest $200—not in a past legacy of intercession but for future strength to serve the global prayer movement and give leadership to those looking for answers in troubled times. Your one-time or recurring gift will help us create that Jesus-centered future.

Will you prayerfully partner in the promises with us and take your place in the great drama at the end of the age?

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The Impact of Partners

15,544 hours of prayer and worship

Man-hours of total prayer with worship

10,000 received ministry at Healing Rooms

Received ministry at Healing Rooms

Prayer meetings currently in 10 languages

Languages used in prayer meetings

300,000 received Prophetic Ministry

Received prophetic ministry

14,000 bags of groceries distributed annually from food pantry

Staff members, students, and interns trained

84,000 plates of food served annually at Hope City

Touched locally at our conferences

60,000 children and teens equipped since 1999

Children & teens equipped since 1999

215 nations accessing online resources

Nations accessing online resources

8,000 hours of webstreaming

Hours of webstreaming in 10 years

30 million annual website visits

Annual website visits

25,000 families ministered to annually

Families ministered to annually

1,200 IHOPU Online students

IHOPU Online students


"Happy anniversary, IHOPKC! You are such an amazing gift to the Body of Christ, such an amazing gift to the world. From Bethel, from me, from Redding, we just want to bless you guys and thank you for saying yes to Jesus. Thank you so much, Mike and Diane Bickle and team."

—Bill Johnson, Bethel

"I can look back over the last 20 years of following Jesus and [how they have been] connected to the revelation being released from IHOPKC—my own walk with Jesus, my perspective on eternity, life, and what's important. You've dramatically shaped my life. Thank you, IHOPKC."

—Andy Byrd, The Send

"I am so thankful for IHOPKC. I can't believe it's been 20 years of prayer, 20 years of plowing, 20 years of prophesying, 'Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done.' Happy 20th anniversary, Mike, Diane, and the entire IHOPKC team. Jon and I are so incredibly thankful for you and what you have pioneered."

—Lisa Bevere, Messenger International
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