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Accelerating the Advancement of 24/7 Prayer on the Earth

With the challenges of the world escalating as never before, we have heard the Lord loud and clear that now is the time to dramatically accelerate the raising up of intercessors, singers and musicians, prophetic voices, and kingdom laborers. Opposition to the Church and to the prayer movement will only swell in the days ahead. Therefore, it is crucial that we not only double down to strengthen 24/7 prayer with worship here in Kansas City but we invest in the advancement of night-and-day prayer on the earth as never before.

Our new Global Classroom Experience is the solution needed. Our unprecedented approach to ministry training—where learning starts by sitting at the feet of Jesus in the prayer room—has made International House of Prayer University (IHOPU) our most trusted vehicle for raising up end-time messengers on the earth. Now that our Global Classroom developments have made training accessible around the globe, the reality of discipling tens of thousands more is actually within reach. But we absolutely need your help—we cannot do it alone.

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Now Is the Time

We have already started breaking down barriers that formerly kept students from getting the unparalleled training IHOPU offers.

More than a Zoom meeting and far more than an online school, the Global Classroom utilizes industry-leading technology so that online students receive the same excellent training as on-campus students. Remote students can view the classroom from multiple camera angles and their faces are seen by the teacher and the other students as well. They can ask questions and participate as if they were in person.

Plus, we’ve made learning much more impactful and life transformative by implementing a “flipped classroom” model which makes class time highly interactive. Students watch their lectures ahead of time, coming to class prepared to discuss and ask questions, thereby strengthening relationships and understanding.

Over our 20-year history, more than 20,000 people have gone through the IHOPKC missions base as staff, interns, or students. The vast majority of them are now out in the nations proclaiming the beauty of Christ in their own callings and ministries. With the advancements of the Global Classroom, we are believing God for is at least 1,000 new students in the next two years.

David Sliker
“Some of our greatest weapons against the rising tide of darkness are singers and musicians operating in the prophetic spirit and messengers who can speak clarity from a place of depth and a real prayer life.”
—David Sliker, President of IHOPU
“One of most valuable things I learned is that the more I pray, the less I want to pray about myself but more for other people. My prayer focus shifted from my own needs to the needs of what God wants and for others around me.”
—Yaro, IHOPU graduate, now serving in Kansas City

A Truly International Prayer Movement

One of the most significant innovations that the Global Classroom Experience brings is the ability for so many more students in the nations of the earth to join. Now more than ever, we are a truly international house of prayer!

  • Those called to their ministries or marketplaces no longer have to relocate to Kansas City.
  • International students no longer have to obtain visas or travel documents.
  • More and more non-English speakers can join. By the Spring of 2021, we’ll have training in 7 different languages . . . with more to come!
Mike Bickle
“After 18 years [serving in Belarus], I felt I still needed to learn from the Holy Spirit, not just for myself but for those to whom I am called to minister. Thank you for being the avenue that God is using to do this.”
—Jennifer, Global Classroom Student
Ruben Cervantes
“We’re advancing something that’s never been done before. People all over the earth are now able to study the theology of night and day prayer and understand what God is doing in the global prayer movement. They aren’t getting just knowledge, but also skills—so that in their local context, they can begin to advance the song of the Lord in whatever way they are called to steward it.”
—Ruben Cervantes, Director of IHOPU’s Forerunner School of Worship

One Thing to Launch a Generation

The burning hearts exist. The technology exists. One final thing remains: We must connect lives around the earth to the Global Classroom. To do this, we’re gathering all the tools a remote student needs into one beautiful welcome kit we’re calling the Launch Box!

The Launch Box contains everything a student needs to join the Global Classroom and go through the process of becoming an end-time messenger of Jesus’ return. It includes:

  • Headset with microphone
  • Tablet preloaded with advanced Zoom technology
  • Full digital library including multiple Bible versions, commentaries, and the books needed for two years of school
  • The Global Prayer Room app
  • IHOPKC gear
Launch Box

But really, a Launch Box is much more than its contents. Each one represents a person being shaped into the image of Jesus for this crucial hour of human history! That’s why our goal is to immediately stock and ship 1,000 Launch Boxes in order to see at least 1,000 lovers of Jesus enroll in the Global Classroom over the next two years.

“Now is the time to hasten the raising up of intercessors, prophetic voices, worshipers, and Kingdom laborers. We cannot delay.”
—Mike Bickle

You Can Be Part of Launching a Generation

Will you help us launch a generation for the advancement of 24/7 prayer in Kansas City and throughout the earth by partnering with the new Global Classroom Experience? Your gift today strengthens the prayer movement and accelerates the raising up of people who will proclaim the beauty of Jesus and His glorious return!

In fact, for every $55 monthly pledge over the course of a year, you cover the full cost of a Launch Box—which means one more transformed life! What an impact your gift makes! Will you give today?

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